imitation leather jacket ladies black

imitation leather jacket ladies black

    Versano faux leather jackets

    Are you looking for a nice imitation leather jacket? Versano has several models available for you in our webshop. On our website you will find the trendy models of this hip Italian brand. For example, take a look at a beautiful imitation leather jacket for women in black. Versano's imitation leather jackets are made of supple PU leather, a type of imitation leather that is just as comfortable as real leather.

    An imitation leather jacket for women in black

    Versano is an Italian design brand that is worn all over the world. The models of this brand are always trendy and available in different collections. Some of Versano's most popular models are also available as imitation leather jackets. For ladies, for example, we have the Versano 315. This sturdy jacket is made of Italian Imitation leather. This imitation leather jacket for women is available in blue, green, cognac, red, black, beige and many other colors.

    Not convinced? Come and try on an imitation leather jacket with us!

    If you are not convinced that with Rexion leather you get the same quality as with real leather, you can of course always visit one of our physical branches. Here we have all the models that are also for sale in the web store together. This way you can clearly see that the Versano imitation leather jackets are not inferior to the real leather jackets. Come try them on and feel the perfect fit and smooth comfort of these beautiful jackets!

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