Imitation leather jacket

Imitation leather jacket

    Imitation leather jackets

    Looking for a nice imitation leather jacket? The Italian design brand Versano has a collection of beautiful models of both genuine lamb leather and indistinguishable imitation leather. These imitation leather jackets are available in the same models and colors as the lamb leather jackets.

    An imitation leather jacket from Versano

    For a beautiful imitation leather jacket you just have to take a look at our website. At versano you will find the most beautiful models neatly arranged together. The Italian brand Versano is a leading manufacturer of leather jackets. Their design is typically Italian and always trendy. In that respect, the company is a real trendsetter, where other brands get their inspiration from. Versano is also unrivaled if you are looking for an imitation leather jacket. The company uses special Rexion leather for this. That is a kind of artificial leather that is prepared in a special way.

    Imitation leather jackets from Rexion leather

    Rexion leather is a special material that was first used to upholster cars. It has now been refined to such an extent that it is a perfect material for making leather jackets. With imitation leather jackets, the top layer is treated in the same way as the top layer of a real jacket. This gives it the same appearance as real leather. Due to the method used, it lasts just as long as one of the Versano lambskin jackets.

    Multiple models from Versano

    For an imitation leather jacket you have come to the right place in our webshop. The leaterlook models that we sell are indistinguishable from real leather jackets. The leather is soft and lasts just as long as regular leather. The models are available in our webshop in several different colors. Ladies looking for an imitation leather jacket would also do well to take a look at our webshop. Here you can see that an imitation leather jacket is in no way inferior to a lambskin jacket. Of course you can always come and try this out in one of our physical stores!

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