Men's quilted jackets

Men's quilted jackets

    Padded jackets for men are warm and fashionable

    Not everyone enjoys going outside in the winter. However, this is necessary if you have to go to school or work. When it is cold, wearing thick clothing is always the best solution to combat the cold. This is especially the case when you put on a warm quilted jacket for men. Quilted jackets for men are provided with a thick insulation layer. The insulation layer can consist of different materials, such as, for example, down or polyester. A down quilted jacket not only keeps your body warm, the jacket feels very light and you will not quickly get too hot and start sweating. The quilted jacket for men can not only be used as a winter jacket, it is also a handy jacket in spring and summer to have at hand when it gets too cold.

    A men's quilted jacket with high wearing comfort

    The wearing comfort of the men's quilted jackets can be called excellent. Partly due to a soft down lining, the jacket will be extremely comfortable to wear. Yet you will get just as much warmth with this as with a thick and heavy winter coat. The quilted jacket for men is not called a 'lightweight jacket' for nothing. The current winter jackets no longer have to be thick and uncomfortable, lightweight quilted jackets for men are completely the trend. If you store a classic winter coat deep in your closet when spring comes, this is no longer necessary with the current men's quilted jackets. You can wear the jacket anytime and anywhere. The jacket is fine if it is a bit chilly during a beautiful spring day. You can easily take the jacket off and roll it up into a small package to carry with you. The Versano men's quilted jacket even comes with a special pouch bag for easy transport when rolled up.

    A quilted jacket for men always suits you

    Warmth and comfort are very important in a jacket. With the quilted jackets for men from Versano, you don't have to worry about this. But of course the eye also wants something. Men also find a fashionable jacket very important. Again, with a Versano quilted jacket for men, you're in the right place. Our jackets are of Italian design. Italian designer jackets are always trendy and hip to wear. Especially with the fashionable tailored fit that fits your body well. And you don't always have to have size S or M for this, our jackets are also available in sizes XL, XXL or even 4XL.

    Buy your men's padded jacket at Versano

    Maybe you're not the type to shop for clothes? This is no problem at all if you are looking for a quilted jacket for men at Versano. We have a webshop where you can order your jacket online. You can view beautiful men's quilted jackets at home in our webshop in peace and order and it is very easy to order. If you still have specific questions about a jacket or about which size is suitable for you, please contact our customer service. We offer support 7 days a day for all your questions by phone or e-mail.

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