Winter jacket

Winter jacket

    With a good winter coat you will get through the winter

    When winter is approaching, you should look for a good winter coat that offers protection against the cold. Perhaps you have to cycle through cold winter weather or work outside for your work, then good insulation is extremely important. But a suitable winter coat should not only be warm. If you wear a winter coat for a long time, it is also important that the coat is comfortable and you should be able to move easily in it. Much depends on the lining of a winter coat. The lining should be flexible and able to withstand the cold well. A very thick lining is no longer always necessary with the current generation of winter jackets. A lining of down or polyester is sufficient for a well-insulated jacket and, moreover, the jacket weighs next to nothing.

    Winter jackets with down as a lining

    Do you want a winter jacket that is extremely light in weight? Then make a choice from one of the down winter coats. Down has very good insulating and moisture-regulating properties. Even with a lightweight winter jacket you stay nice and warm on cold days. If you opt for artificial down, this down consists of polyester. This has just as good insulating properties as down and is very light in weight. An advantage of these lightweight winter jackets is that the jacket does not only have to serve as a winter jacket. Because they are so comfortable and light, you can wear these jackets all year round. Is it getting a little too hot? Then dragging with a heavy jacket is out of the question. The winter coat is easy to roll up into small packages and therefore easy to carry with you.

    Choose from many models of winter coats

    A winter coat should not only insulate well, the coat should also be fashionable. Fortunately, at Versano you can choose from many models. Do you want a short coat, a parka model or maybe you are looking for a winter coat with a fur collar? All our jackets are of Italian design, so you will always look fashionable with a Versano winter jacket. The Italian design is also reflected in the precise finish of the jacket, for example with well-stitched pockets with a zipper. We have beautiful models of winter jackets for both men and women, with hoods, without hoods and in many colors. Get through the winter warm and fashionable with a winter coat from Versano.

    Buy a winter jacket online at Versano

    Don't want to go out for a winter coat? Then you can buy a winter jacket online at Versano. We make it very easy for you to order your favorite winter jacket in our webshop. You can choose from different types of winter jackets, with a clear description. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and that is why we have an expert customer service, where you can ask all your questions. You can reach us by phone, but you can also send an e-mail. If you order on working days before 13:00, your winter coat will be shipped the same day. Of course you are always welcome in one of our branches to view and try on a winter coat.

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