Ladies jackets with fur collar

Ladies jackets with fur collar

    Ladies jackets with fur collar
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    Ladies jackets with fur collar
    Are you looking for a nice ladies coat with fur collar?
    If so, you can stop searching now. Leathershop Doci has a wide range of ladies' coats with fur collar, of which we are almost certain that there is a model that can receive your approval. We sell the jackets of the Italian design brand Versano, which is not only a guarantee for the quality, but also for the impeccable style and finish of the jacket. The Versano coat makers do not go wrong and all ladies' coats with fur collars that leave the factory are of the highest quality.
    The most beautiful ladies coats with fur collar
    Versano is a brand that is at the forefront when it comes to design. Also with the ladies jackets with fur collar, Versano is actually the brand that you should check out first. On our website you will find several Versano models, in different colors. These surprising combinations are a good example of the brand's always in perfect detail.
    Ladies coats with fur collar from Versano
    Trust us when we tell you that Versano knows how to make a good coat with a fur collar. Take the Grace model for example. Grace is a stylish jacket that is available in black and beige. The jacket has several stylish elements, such as a number of zippers at chest height and extra buttons that you can close with leather laces. The beige model of this half-length coat stands out because of the tasteful use of beige and black. You will definitely stand out with this jacket. The fur collars are optional with these coats, and can easily be ordered in our webshop.
    Fur collar: real fur or not?
    With the ladies' coats with fur collar from Versano you can choose whether you want to wear a fur collar made of real fur or imitation fur. If you choose real fur, you will soon have a coat with a fur collar made of American Raccoon fur. If you prefer a fur collar made of faux fur, you can choose from three different colors. These collars are almost indistinguishable from real fur. Of course you always have the option to order multiple colors of collar, so that you can combine it with the jacket when and how you want it.

    Do you want to buy a ladies winter coat online?
    Is the cold weather approaching and are you looking for a nice winter coat to brave it with? Then we recommend that you come and take a look at My Versano. We have a large number of different coats ready in our range, where you can count on these coats that are completely made to perfection. For example, are you looking for a ladies winter coat? You will certainly find these in our range. Buying a ladies winter coat online is very easy with us. Simply select the right jacket and pay for it, and we will ensure that the jacket is delivered to you quickly.
    The best in women's winter coats
    We think it is important that our customers can always assume that what they buy from us is of the highest quality. That is why we sell Versano jackets in our range. These are beautiful jackets made from the very best materials. Jackets that are comfortable, that are nice and warm and that are also beautifully designed. You can also just take a look at our website to see what kind of coats we have ready for you.
    Want to know more about our beautiful ladies winter coats?
    You want to buy a new women's winter coat and are you looking for a store where you will find the highest quality? You can stop searching. At My Versano we have many years of experience in selling beautiful coats, which many customers can confirm. We recommend that you contact us if you have any questions about our jackets. Of course you can always visit one of our stores. We have five branches throughout the Netherlands, where you can try on and buy all those beautiful coats.

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