Ladies coat with fur collar

Ladies coat with fur collar

    A jacket with an unparalleled fur collar
    Ladies, we have a little secret for you. You will also find the most beautiful ladies' coat with fur collar in the Netherlands at the Albert Cuypstraat in Amsterdam, which is home to the nicest day market in the Netherlands, which you will probably be familiar with. You can find these at one of the two branches of Leathershop Doci, shops that specialize in the coats of the Italian top brand Versano.
    For a beautiful ladies coat with fur collar
    Versano is an Italian brand where they know what ladies like to wear. No silly coats with a thin fur collar, which lets all the cold through just as hard. No: sturdy, sturdy coats with fur collars that will certainly attract attention on the street. At Versano, they have a lot of experience with making a beautiful ladies jacket with fur collar, which is one of the reasons that we exclusively sell Versano coats in our webshop and our physical stores.
    You will find the most beautiful ladies coat with fur collar here
    If you visit our webshop, you will find the option Coats with fur collar in the menu bar at the top of the screen. Here you can search further for a jacket for women, men or children. You should know that children look very cool and hip with our Versano jackets! But we are now focusing on a beautiful jacket for you. We sell a number of models of ladies' coat with fur collar, where we have several colors on offer per model. If you see a model that you like, click on it and you will get an overview of the necessary information per model. We have, among other things, a handy list with sizes, information about the finish and the option to order a fur collar with the jacket. These fur collars are not standard with the coats, but can be obtained with a few clicks.
    About the fur collars in a ladies coat with fur collar
    We sell the fur collars for these coats separately. You can opt for a collar of real fur or one of faux fur. If you choose the former, you will get a nice collar made of beautiful, soft American Raccoon fur. If you prefer not to have a collar made of real fur, we have three colors on offer. This way you can choose a combination that suits you.

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    NB! You can order any winter coat with or without a fur collar. The fur collar is not included.