lamb leather ladies jackets

lamb leather ladies jackets

    Women's lamb leather jackets

    In our webshop you will always find the models that are in fashion at that moment in our leather jackets. We take great care to stay current. The Versano designers do not so much follow the trends, but they make the latest models themselves that will be followed by other designers. Our lamb leather ladies jackets are available in many different colors, and of course we also have plenty of leather jackets for men.

    The quality of Versano

    We use the best materials for making all our jackets. we use the best fabrics for the winter jackets and, of course, top quality lamb leather for the leather jackets. Our lamb leather is very soft and supple. It feels very comfortable and soft to wear and only gets better with age. If you purchase a leather ladies or men's jacket from us, you will enjoy it for the rest of your life. Do not wait any longer and take a look at our webshop or visit one of our branches.

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    Have you found the model you would like to order? Click on it and you will be taken to a page where you can see details about this jacket. You can also view the jacket from multiple angles here, where it is possible to zoom in on the jacket so that you can take a good look at all elements of a jacket. To order, simply fill in your details and choose the payment method of your choice. We will then ensure that your order is sent to you quickly. You can also choose to purchase the jacket in one of our stores.

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    NB! You can order any winter coat with or without a fur collar. The fur collar is not included.