Men's jacket with fur collar

Men's jacket with fur collar

    Beautiful coats with fur collar from Versano
    For a nice coat with a fur collar, Leathershop Doci always has a nice model in the webshop. We have a wide range, where you can choose not only different models when it comes to the coats, but also when it comes to the fur collars themselves. A Versano men's coat with fur collar is always a guarantee of high quality and a trendy appearance.
    A men's jacket with fur collar from Versano
    We have two models in the digital shop window in our webshop. This concerns the Wilson and Redwood models. If you order one of these two coats, it will be delivered without a fur collar as standard, but you can simply order it on the website.
    The Versano Wilson men's jacket with fur collar
    The Versano Wilson is the longer model of the two models we have on offer. This men's jacket with fur collar is Italian fitted and is therefore relatively small. It is available in sizes from XS to XXXL. The jacket is provided with thickly lined, 200 grams polyester and therefore always comfortably warm. The jacket has a lined hood that is attached to the jacket. It has deep side pockets with a zipper and an extra inner pocket for important papers and other items that need an extra secure storage place.
    The Versano Redwood men's jacket with fur collar
    The Redwood jacket is a shorter model than the Wilson. It is a cool jacket with extra pockets on the chest. In addition, the jacket is provided with a few other elements. Just like the Wilson, the jacket is water-repellent and completely windproof. Even the harshest weather will not be able to hit you if you put on this men's jacket with fur collar outside.
    The fur collar, optional and in various designs
    The fur collar that you can order with the men's coats is made of American Raccoon fur. This soft fur looks beautiful and is very durable. If you prefer not to have real fur, we also have a fur collar made of faux fur. This collar is practically indistinguishable from the collar of real fur. This collar is available in several different colors.

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    NB! You can order any winter coat with or without a fur collar. The fur collar is not included.